training & Coaching

Awareness. Acquisition. Autonomy.

Don’t just train your people to make them more intelligent, develop your teams to achieve concrete results in the field!

Big Fish is the pioneer in supplier management training with collaborative programs around modern Resource Management (Purchasing & Supply Chain). We have been developing and implementing for over 9 years specific transformation programs via and for Purchasing & Supply Chain expertise to achieve breakthrough results for client companies. We offer tailored programs delivered by industry experts with senior leadership expertise as well as academic credentials.

These programs focus on the collective development—for specific teams or for an entire organization—of soft skills as well as of hard skills, and allow to initiate true team dynamics to help achieve concrete "business" results in the field, individual as much as collective.

The objectives of all our programs is to deliver value and competitive advantages to your company, covering the entire spectrum of the supplier resource: cost control, quality, service, innovation capture, footprint optimization, etc.

Traditional “school” training patterns are not effective when working with people from different backgrounds having already extensive professional experience. We therefore use our AAA approach based on an andragogy (adult training) approach to develop programs that work in the field.




If someone doesn’t want to learn, he won’t. In order to put the teams in an "active learning" mode, we make them become aware that they can/need improve their skills to achieve individual and collective objectives


An effective learning happens by inciting the teams to learn while doing and by providing them with the tools to act and implement by themselves. This approach allows them to integrate simultaneously technical and behavioral skills required for the expected transformation of the teams and organization.


 In the final phase the teams become autonomous actors who advance in a proactive and more entrepreneurial way while continuing to identify and improve the skills required to achieve their targets.

All of our programs are “backwards”-engineered, meaning that we start by defining the expected results of a program before building a unique sequence with specific ingredients to allow the optimum achievement of said results.





The Transformation Initiatives are designed to create real breakthrough in challenging ecosystems turning around existing organizational structures—on a global scale. A core team is created to define the scope and the nature of the initiatives that will be developed. Afterwards an entrepreneurial kick-off is organized with all participating talents to share the vision and develop the underlying targets together. A various number of tools and methods allow the creation of real awareness for teams and stakeholders regarding the necessity to change. Teams commit themselves in a number of "cross-functional' projects (be it cross-regional  -functional, -entity) to reach concrete results while they are learning the right skills in the field. Intense coaching by a variety of project specific senior experts accompanies each initiative.


These programs are based on sets of modules used in the context of transformation programs. They are preconfigured with regard to the red tag, but customized in regards to the content—e.g. role playing and simulation exercises are tailored to specific industry and organizational context. They take place over a period of 6-12 months and are mostly composed of a main kick-off session followed by coaching sessions and additional workshops. Their main focus is to run and develop team dynamics around a specific skill base.

  • PSC110     Entrepreneurship
  • PSC120     Leadership
  • PSC130     The Manual
  • PSC140     Team Building
  • PSC150     Client & Supplier Convention
  • PSC160     The University
  • PSC170     Global Planning System (GPS)

The Advanced Communication Programs are organized to develop not only some specific techniques or assess the current situation of a professional but to enable all participants to develop each individual lever of the communication. Focusing on Management or Purchasing and Sales, Multicultural Competences or many more the programs are continuously developed and customized to the individual professional context of the participants.

All trainings are lead by experienced senior professionals from Big Fish and our network partners to ensure the best fit of personalities and participants, and the latest techniques applied during the training.