Supplier Relationship Index


Your enterprise and Purchasing organization, from the point of view of the suppliers 

We create, along with you, a sample of 20-50 of your suppliers and the list of buyers you want to include in the survey. We validate the questionnaire SRI®: a part of which is dedicated to your suppliers, and the other part (the mirror) being dedicated to the buyers. We consolidate and analyze the answers of all your suppliers. We present the collective results of the survey to whom it may concern (you, the management department, your team), the individual results being at the entire but sole disposal of the participants. thanks to those results, we are able to visualize the strengths and weaknesses of the company, the main possible improvements, the comparison with both the point of view of buyers and the running of other organizations (competition/benchmark).




The SRI® roadmap program is, just as any other roadmap program, based on the specific product conscience program realized first. Using both the comments and the collected data, we closely collaborate with our client so as to generate the clear guiding line  to be followed for the improvement of weaknesses and the optimization of the assets of our client’s Purchasing department and/or Supply Chain.

In order to do so, we define clear objectives with the client, to be adapted, on the one hand, to the overall Supply Chain strategy, and, on the other hand, to the results and the expectations of a modern Purchasing organization.

The typical aspects of the SRI® roadmap program are the increase of the confidence or the optimization of the processes linking the Purchasing organization and the key suppliers.

The cultural features are not only taken into account for the creation and the processing of the questionnaire, but they also are at the heart of the assessment of your Purchasing and SC organization.

If the implementation of those measures can be realized by our client himself, we are nonetheless able to support the initiative with the necessary transformation programs.