People centric business development.

For any industry, no matter whether generalist of specialists, in Purchasing or Supply Chain we will respond to your request in terms of quality and time.

After the pre-qualification of the position with your HR and operations teams, a search is launched via a broad variety of channels: the network of our consultants, our proprietary database of 40,000 + profiles, online channels (more than 130 sites for any given specialization, sector, etc.) and finally by direct hunting within a selection of target companies approved by our client.

We support our clients from the qualification of the need to the monitoring of the candidates integration in the organization utilising specific tools (test projection, benchmarking, research tools and specialized database). Regular meetings of our clients and the respective candidates allows us to continuously improve our understanding of your culture and fine-tune the sample of candidates we propose.






The search for and selection of top-managers in Purchasing and Supply Chain (Purchasing VP, CPO …) requires different constraints and practices what made BigFish create a department devoted to these specific tasks only. Each mission is managed by a senior consultant with specialized knowledge of Purchasing & Supply Chain as well as BigFish´s proprietary infrastructure (database, call center, international network …). With the help of these unique tools the senior identifies and selects Purchasing and Supply Chain high potentials known  by us either directly or through their employees.
The strengths of the process, know-how about the sector and its players plus the team behind the senior consultant all together guarantee an optimal result in terms of profile quality and response time.


No matter whether managing commodities for a group, a major project involving several stakeholders or an innovative service, the hierarchical management is increasingly functional and therefore the essence of modern buyers missions. Beyond the know-how in Purchasing or Supply Chain business and certain sector expertise, we strive to qualify the candidate who will connect internal (clients) and external (suppliers) stakeholders.

We look for the « Intrapreneur » that your organization needs. Our knowledge of the market, the business and the men and women from the Purchasing and Supply Chain galaxy allows us to identify the profiles yet unknown. The talents whose managerial skills, fluency in communication and the appropriateness of initiatives will make them the purchasing managers of tomorrow.


You need very specific profiles with which you do not want to engage long term (budget constraints, specific project, etc.).
BigFish does not intend to propose professionals working with  fixed-term contracts but provides you with the independent network we have created around our own area of expertise.
An very fast process of sending messages to pre-qualified profiles (industry, expertise, seniority, price, availability) allows us to connect you quickly with the resource you need.