360° Assessment

The 360° Assessment is designed to give purchasing organizations a comprehensive picture of their internal resources (people skills) and the level of their critical relationships (internal clients and suppliers).
These three different evaluations allow on the one hand to identify improvement potentials for the assessed teams. On the other hand, a common trunk of questions allows the positioning of the purchasing organization relative to its peers and in terms of maturity.
The program’s goal is to provide the management of purchasing organizations an integrated dashboard—concentrating on people— from which they will be able to decide on actions to bring the entire company forward.






The Supplier Relationship Index is our tool to measure the quality of the company's relationships with its clients. The assessment varies in depth and focuses around a common trunk depending on the goals of the organization.

The SRI is a strategic evaluation tool building the basis for further and more specific programs, such as the collaboration or the innovation questionnaire.


The Target Orientated Skills Calibration is our people assessment tool. It is used within different scenarios, ranging from individual assessments supporting a recruitment for a strategic position, to global assessments as part of organizational transformation programs.

TOSCA allows the measurement and structured analysis of purchasing skills and transversal competences, to identify the skills DNA of people and organizations.


The Customer Relationship Index is our tool to evaluate the quality and intensity of the purchasing department´s relationships with its internal clients. Its aim is to bring out the strengths and weaknesses in these relationships and help to increase the maturity of the entire organization.

The CRI makes it possible to expand the area of influence of the purchasing department and helps to get involved at earlier stages in key processes.