Team Development Programs

Enterpreneurship. Leadership. Supply Chain.



This program is designed to create a break through dynamic by bringing the participant together for the collaboration on an ambitious organizational development project. Based on an entrepreneurial approach (the inverse pyramid) the teams define the objectives, the mission and the framework according to their own understanding and interpretation of the organizational challenge. Over an intense short to medium period they are coached by different experts while they define the roadmap, address their challenges and implement concrete actions in order to achieve their objectives. To ensure the success of their initiative the teams are trained to actively involve all relevant stakeholders such as their peers, internal and external customers, and suppliers.

The ideal program to launch a “break through initiative” (aiming to achieve % 30 to % 50 improvement!) with a short to medium timeframe. It allows to get the team off the ground while it learns the necessary tools in the field. The project can be a real, internal business case or an external charity project.

Scope: Initial session of 3 days | limited project team of five to 30 people over 3-6 months


This program is designed for you to develop the professional maturity of a team and/ or an organization. Based on an innovative and intuitive approach (Leadership Compass), participants share, learn and practice how to work more effectively with their key stakeholders (internal and external). The team members increase their area of influence, from being « reactive » followers into a « proactive » service attitude to create more added value. During the initial session, the participants define the scope, mission and main levers of modern Purchasing organizations (Client-orientated management of internal and external resources) and develop their individual and collective roadmap , whether it be for concrete actions or for skill develoment key steps.

This is the ideal training for the creation of  a « learning by doing » dynamic, with a focus on both the development of concrete actions related with stakeholders and an acquisition of practical skills. The initiative enables a team and/or an organization to adapt to on-going changes.

Scope: Initial session of 3 days | intense training sessions in groups and workshops between 3 to 12 months | standard teams of 15 to 30 participants.






















This program is designed to develop and implement together with all participants a system of reference of «best-in-class» operational practices. Every organization needs a shared and formatted know how referential system, to be used as a guideline for current and future members of the team. The characteristic of this program is the combination between the collective development of this system of reference and the improvement of team skills. Through a variety of interactive sessions, and via specific exercises related to their individual context, the participants will develop their own competences by integrating best cross-sector practices. Each program follows the same structure: an initial session defining the methodological framework, and several other sessions aiming at acquiring soft- and hard-skills.

This is the ideal program to build and enrich a standardized expertise database for the organization: this core know how is easy to use, effective and customized for each team. This program also enables to create a team dynamic around the continuous development of the collective expertise. 

Scope: Initial session of one to two days | on-going sessions of one to three days for each selected module | Continuous coaching via helpdesk and/ or punctual presence | total duration of six to twelve months in standard teams of 10 to 30 people.

This program is designed to generate a maturity development project for a team, a Purchasing organization or SC. Based on an innovative and easy to use method (Purshasing Leadership Compass), the participants share and learn how to work more effectively with the stakeholders (both internal and external). As an outcome, the participants will increase their area of influence and move from a reactive (followers) to a proactive behavior (leaders). During the initial session, participants share the scope, the mission and the levers of Modern Purshasing organizations (Management of external Resources). They will also develop their individual and collective road map both for concrete action and skills develoment key steps.

Scope: 3 days of initial session / short training sessions in small groups/workshops for 3-12 month/ standard teams of 15-30 people.

This program is meant to create a meeting point and a commonly-shared way of working between the participants, accordingly with the chosen subjects. A convention may be organized to bringing together Purchasers, Suppliers, Internal Clients and stakeholders of a Supply Chain. It should be stepped up in 1 or 2 days whether as a presentation from the different actors or as an interactive exchange (workshops). This program is especially efficient for assigning various responsibilities to the organization’s members and train them to be in charge of the planning and the management of kind of event.

The ideal program to bringing the main actors of a «continuous improvement» or breakthrough program together. This program also enables to develop a common understanding of the stakeholders’ concerns and the cooperation with the latter. It allows to strengthen the sense of collective belonging to a project, an initiative or an extended enterprise.

Scope: Several one-day sessions for preparation/ 1-3 days of activities/ Debriefing/ audience of 30-800 people.

This program is meant to develop the framework and the content of a real Purchasing or Supply Chain « Academy » within a company, in direct connection with the external poles of expertise. Continually enriched by skills, this « Academy » can turn into the skill enhancing motor for any Purshasing or SC organization. As a result, Purshasing and Supply Chain departments are fully utilized within a group, via an improvement of the attractiveness, a development of the respective skills and impact of each team member, and the grouping together of the teams under an “expertise” project, finally improving the collective efficiency.

The program is build around an individual common theme with pre-defined blocks, then adapted to the context and the expected objectives. This program can contain components such as a Transversal Awareness Program. Then this program can also offer some sessions about technical and behavioral skills, a Layout Program or a Skills and Expertise Creative Program for any Purshasing and/or Supply Chain organization.

This is the ideal program to build a real driving force of knowledge and know-how for organizations. It promotes the systematic development of the individual expertise and the collective memory via a framework based on both internal and external contributors.

Scope: Several one-day sessions for preparation | Engineering & Implementation | Assistance for initial and continued management | Mentorship of the project team for 6-12 months

This program is designed for Supply Chain directors who want to implement the state of the art techniques regarding S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning). GPS works in a company just as a GPS in a car. Compared with most S&OPs, GPS is deeply rooted in the vision and the ambition of the company (and not in the operational short term). Instead of providing an approximation based on bargained figures, GPS clearly and precisely calculates where the company is positioned in terms of its own growth factors. Finally, GPS recalculates in real-time the new path to be followed to reach the objective, instead of just recording the existence of a “gap” between the previsions and the budget (if not between the previsions and the business plan). GPS was developed by Big Fish along with the American company LingColdrick, inventor of the S&OP and IBM (Integrated Business Management). In line with Big Fish philosophy, the term “system” must be understood as a human organizational system and not as a digital system. So the implementation of GPS is supported at 80% by teams transformation, and at 20% by tools and processes. Finally, GPS is not a theoretical model but a real Culture we have intreoduced in 2 food-processing multinational (worldwide references in terms of Supply Chain).

Such as the Lean, the GPS approach can be implemented regardless of the maturity of the Supply Chain. Nonetheless, GPS is, just as Lean is, an approach for the excellence of the company,thus requiring the entire commitment of the management. Consequently, the GPS program must be regarded as a company-wide project and not only as a Supply Chain project.

Scope: Fully customizable from 1 day of Awareness Creation to up to 10 days of diagnostic and workshops.