Advanced Communication

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This program is designed for Purchasing & Supply Chain Managers who need/want to develop Communication skills with top-level intermediary (for instance, Board Members) and various audiences (teams, clients, providers, journalists, works council members, conference members) in a normal or hostile environment.

Based on the adaptation of “Communication Techniques” and “Dialectics” modules to the specific context of Purchasing & Supply Chain managers, it enables the acquisition and the fine-tuning of simple but efficient methods to significantly improve the Communication and finally enhance the image and the impact of Purchasing & Supply Chain organizations to their main stakeholders.

Essential to support and improve one’s Communication efforts as a company director, whether publicly or within a closed group, and sustain concrete action with a pertinent impact via a professional individual Communication.

Configuration:  6 sessions of ½ day | team of 5-10 persons


This program is based on the meeting between the “Seller world” and the “Purchaser world”, two populations who stayed in touch but don’t know each other or only through the traditional prejudices (The Purchaser is a problem which should be getting around. The Seller always tries to get you)

Via exercises and role play with a permanent debriefing applying  “true” suppliers and “true” sellers, it allow developing a best understanding of the “other side” and building together the good approach to meet the defined objectives (best capacity of negotiation in a traditional context, a capacity of collaboration in a breakthrough context). These programs (one for the Purchasers, the other for the Sellers) are based on a red line and preconfigured methods with an exhaustive content partially customized according to the context, the participants profile and the company’ goal.

Essential to put oneself in other people's’ shoes for improve the approach and the relationship with the other side. In that respects, Purchasers the Purchasers are able to build a breakthrough approach helped by the Seller. Sellers can benefit from the new driveway for innovative solutions  that the Purchasing represent.

Configuration:  3 sessions of 1 day | team of 5-30 persons





















This program is designed for develop international skills by emphasizing on the strategically intercultural management. In a context where cultural interaction are more and more complex, that cultural elements should be managed in a professionally way is beyond dispute. Initial contact with a provider, the building of the confidence, the arguments and the valuation of a proposal, a successful negotiation, and the long-term maintenance of the relationship depend of the non-technical skills of the purchasers.  This training aims at maximizing practices, streamline approaches and encourage the sharing of experience. In the highly competitive purchasing field and seeing the growing importance of many actors from emerging countries that is imperative to integrate this intercultural know-how to explain the complexity and generate local adhesion.

The ideal program to develop an understanding of the different cultures in a more and more global context. It allows the set in of a practical and efficient collaboration. It is aimed both for the work of Purchasing teams among them than to the Purchaser-relationship (Providers in a Sourcing initiative or partnership context).

Configuration : Initial session of 1-3 days according to the complexity of the problems| Short training sessions in small groups | workshops for 3-12 months | teams of 10-20 persons.

We are developing and promoting training for many years, in agreement with the Charter’ philosophy to help large companies to integrate this state of mind in their current practices.  We are approved by the CDAF and the MIEIST to develop your team’s skills. Your company is aware of the strategic importance of its providers and its subcontractors. She has signed the “Relationships Charter” elaborate by the CDAF and the MIEIST. Now, it need to make the spirit Charter living on the ground because some of the Charter habits are not firmly rooted in the Purchasing culture yet.

Essential for move from a passive acceptance of the Charter to an active set in of a new approach axed on a more collaborative and benefic relationship with your providers.

Configuration: 3 sessions of 1 day OR 1 session of 1 day | Team of 5-30 persons.

This program is designed to create a Hook” and/or a “Buy In” striking about any Purchasing & Supply Chain. A Murder Party is a mystery role playing game in which the teams try to solve a problem (to expose a murderer). Big Fish is the French leader of Murder Party for business via its subsidiary ABCrime. Based on more than the 10 years ABCrime know-how, Big Fish’ murder party introduce into the mystery scenario, a Purchasing & Supply Chain theme fully customizable to meet your needs. The theme dealt with in this murder party may be discovered the 7 secret keys of Purchasing & Supply Chain or a complex project introduce in an original way. Experience has shown that the participants were captivated by the main murder party’ plot. In that respects, they were in such a state of arousal that it was easier to get business messages. This extreme concentration mechanism, the “Flow” concept, has been theorized by the Hungarian psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi. In term of scenario, the business message send by the company via the main plot is named in cinema a “McGuffin” (for instance, the micro movie “North By Northwest” by Hitchcock).

The Murder Party a way revolutionary way for training teams in an andragogic way. It is also an unforgettable team experience which could take place at the beginning, at the middle or at the end of a seminar; or independently, such as a teambuilding exercise.

Configuration : from 1 hour to 1 day | during the day or in the evening | 6 to 300 participants