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Photo by  on  Unsplash

Photo by on Unsplash


Big Fish is asked more and more often  for interim management assignments requiring very specific profiles. In this cases we do not intended to propose the same kind of candidates as for long-term assignments but manage a pool of independent «freelancers» allowing us to meet the expectations of our customers as good as possible. Big Fish is contracted only by the client for the specific assignment – no dependency is created with the network to ensure the necessary transparency and objectiveness.

Any compensation is effective only when an agreement between the client and the independent freelancer is found. Any commission, provision or fee is due by the date of this agreement. Each applicant must complete an evaluation of the competences / skills / sectors / daily price and so forth in order to be managed by Big Fish. All information submitted are subject to absolute confidentiality. Transmission of the respective CV to the client shall only be done in consensus with the person concerned.