Vision. Experts. Tools.



This program is designed to create a real break through the existing organizational structure – on a global scale. A key team is created to define the scope and the nature of the approach that will be developed. Then, an entrepreneurial kick-off is organized with all participating teams to share the chosen approach and develop it together. A various number of tools and methods allow the creation of real awareness for teams and stakeholders regarding the necessity to change. Teams commit themselves in a number of «cross» projects (be it -regional, -functional, -entity) to reach concrete results while learning the right skills on the field. Intense coaching by a variety of experts is how we sustain the dynamic initiated, while fine-tuning the approach step by step. A “Train the Trainers” Program enables to bring team members up to the necessary level of competence to act as internal network experts. Afterwards, the company can turn into an independent know-how factory.

Effective for the transformation of companies from the bottom to the top, with a general approach for significant results (30%- 50% improvement expectations). This program creates a real competitive and sustainable advantage, measured by both the results and the driving force that is training.

Scope: Tailor-made organizational approach | 6-36 months | Purchasing organization from 30 to 100 000 people.


The Targeted Breakthrough follows the very same principle as the Continuous Breakthrough described above. However, a targeted approach allows the organisation to be both quicker and more precise by chosing a « target » upfront. The scope usually is a very critical project, significant cost reductions due to market rupture or needed innovation – to name just a few.