Lean Systems

Instant revolution.


Photo by  Dose Media  on  Unsplash

Photo by Dose Media on Unsplash

The Lean System

The Lean System is a "top down" approach for the vision and objectives of an organization. However it is "bottom up" in its execution! It actively involves all main levels of the company, from the leader who defines the objectives down to the worker who performs the tasks. It allows the organization to better serve its customers while spending less resources.

Lean System must be seen as a "complete system"  which incorporates all the functions of the company. There is no doubt that the tool enables businesses "break through" from a spend improvement of 3% (Kaizen, or "do to get better"), to more than 30% improvement (Kaikaku, or "instant revolution").

Instant revolution (Kaikaku) sets ANY company in motion towards the ultimate goal defined by its vision. It orientates the whole company towards its customers while achieving the results expected by the shareholders. This approach gives a very good idea of how to work in teams achieve results with it.

However the classical approach (Kaizen) directed towards solving of specific problems is not obsolete. It is especially useful maintain over time the break-through results and innovations achieved by the Kaikaku.